2-inch Rhino

This 2" defense revolver offers great concealability due to its very unusual profile. The flat cylinder allows for maximum comfort while reducing the typical revolver profile for greater concealment.

The 2" Rhino has both single & double-action characteristics. When operated in the single-action mode, the hammer does not stay back as with a traditional revolver.

As with all Chiappa Rhinos, the 2" model fires from the 6:00 cylinder and the barrel is aligned with this bottom-most chamber. This barrel position is key to the Rhino's low-recoil characteristics because it lowers the center of gravity and yields a centerline of the bore that is more in line with a shooter’s arm.

The Rhino's unique design allows for the most natural “point ability” while engaging a target. Please note, the low barrel position requires you use a specific grip style, click for instructions.

Price: $984.00

Caliber: .357 mag

No. of Shots: 6

Barrel Length: 2"

Total Length: 6.5"

Weight: 24 oz

Finish: Tactical black

Comes standard with: Fixed sights & black rubber grips

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