Mfour-22 Carbine

The Mfour-22 carbine sets the standard in sub-caliber tactical fun. The Chiappa Mfour-22 carbine is an accurate reproduction of the classic M4 carbine, chambered in cost-effective .22LR, making it a low cost alternative for practical range and field applications.

The Chiappa Mfour-22 carbine has a 16" barrel and sports many of the traits of the original M4 carbine. Interchangeable MIL-SPEC features include fire control group with one of the best triggers in any AR-22, MIL-SPEC forearm, grip and stock, functioning dust cover and adjustable sights.

Price: $527.00
Price with red-dot scope: $554.00

Caliber: .22 LR

No. of Shots: 28

Barrel Length: 16"

Total Length: 34.25"

Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Finish: Black

Comes standard with: two 28-round magazines, black polymer grips, adjustable sights, pseudo banyonet lug, flash hider, forward assist, and steel trigger & hammer assembly

Magazines for Mfour-22 Carbine
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